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 Akb48 fan forum rule

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PostSubject: Akb48 fan forum rule   Akb48 fan forum rule Icon_minitimeMon Oct 06, 2008 5:48 pm


* A large majority of AKB48 members can be considered underage/minors in many countries. Now, regardless to where you are from, we strictly disallow all inappropriate (you should be able to make your own judgement on what is inappropriate) comments regarding any members younger than 18. I understand that in some countries (including my own) the 'legal' age is 16, but our host in based in the US, so we will obey by their laws regarding this. Also remember that even jokes can misinterpreted, and even a simple misinterpretation could be responsible for getting us shut down.

* No pornography - This is not an 18+ forum, we allow members of all ages to join. Therefore, we do not allow any form of pornography to be posted.

* Any form of plagiarism is strictly disallowed - Plagiarizing another person or company's art or ideas just isn't right, and could get you banned.

* No discriminatory slurs - This should come with your common sense, really. The use of racist, sexist, or discriminatory remarks (including jokes) at any time on the forum will result in a warning. If you are ever offended by what a member says at any point, PM a staff member or report that post straight away.

* Always thumbnail gif animations and images bigger than 575px by 575px, and larger than 500kb - Huge gifs mean huge loading times for members without a broadband connection. Images wider than 575px give us a rather ugly page stretch. If you have posted an image wider than 575px, a moderator will simply remove the [IMG] tags.

* Contribute, don't just post - "Cute!" "xD" and "T__T" aren't exactly what we would call contributing to a discussion. If your post is just a single word on an emoticon, then it can be considered an empty post of some sort and even somewhat spammish. If you don't know how to respond in a certain thread, then maybe come back later to it when you've thought of a reply.

* Please speak English - We understand English isn't all of our members' first language, but we do ask that you try and stick to the language as much as possible. If you add any non-English words to your posts, don't be suprised if you are asked for a translation.

* Accurately state your topic... - when creating threads in the thread subject line Topics with no subject, a vague subject (i.e. 'help'), or threads found to be using 'luring' or ambiguous words or phrases will be edited by a staff member.

* Do not flood or bump - Many instances of spam over a short period of time, also known as 'flooding', will often cause immediate warnings or bans to be issued. The same applies to members who 'bump' their topic for more replies (without adding anything new to the topic).

* Threads/posts soley for advertisement are forbidden - You can advertise in your signature.

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Akb48 fan forum rule
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